Friday, August 12, 2011

Turkish Delight

At work she is a stickler for detail
sometimes her messages seem blunt
as if there is something she knows
people are stunned
what does she know?

She told me that I am a Christian
that she is a Muslim for similar reasons
she said it shows
I was stunned
what does she know?

She is in my office
weeping "I'm going to quit"
a project manager told her what she doesn't know
she was stunned
what doesn't she know?

She doesn't quit
our boss says she'll be fine, when she gets going
as her resume shows
she's been going for years
what does he know?

She comes to chat
our boss's boss has her perplexed
he comes in early, where does he go?
every day he gets in his truck and leaves by ten
Doesn't she know?

She has two children
we attended a shower for her second with wonderful friends
her husband volunteers for Rotary service events
these Muslims are better Christians than we are
what do they know?

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