Monday, August 29, 2011

Is there Justice in the World?

"If the death penalty can be given to a man for buying two ordinary 9 volt battery cells, if 20 years of his youth can be robbed, I sincerely doubt there is justice in the world."
-- the plea from death row – A.G. PERARIVALAN

As conveyed by the following report by an Indian friend, a country in protest now can't find justice in the world:
This is the sentence of truth by the person Perarivalan who got death hanging punishment for getting a 9 volt battery for the Rajiv's assassination. Many truths and realities were hidden in this case. Not only in this case in many things our country is going very down in politics. The person who is richer rules in the govt, and also supports only more like this.

The forgoing perspective from rural India contrasts with the news as reported by The Times of India.

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