Monday, July 18, 2011

Inherit the Hot Air

A new documentary, Inherit the Hot Air, now incontrovertibly demonstrates that the theory of evolution is not a theory. It must be factual or Richard Dawkins would already have been stoned dead by creationists. Only restraint sustained by a rational minority, who can understand the reasoning in Dawkins' insufferable condescension, prevents him from being targeted by the Fundamentalist jihad. Salman Rushdie has survived because a mere billion fanatics pursue him. The herd mentality being what it is, any day now Dawkins could be attacked at one of his book signings or speaking engagements by throngs of fanatics who outnumber his readers by... well, it's difficult to say whether creationist fanatics outnumber the readers of best-sellers sold by Dawkins, but chances are pretty good that a brawl at Barnes and Noble would not go well for the author of The Self-Promoting Gene, The Blind, but Clever, Watchmaker, and let us not forget The God-Awful Delusion, which shows that disparaging something about which one knows very little dispels ignorance and superstition.


  1. The creationists are no match for feminists, who called Dawkins on his insufferable condescension when he dissed one of their own:

  2. A self-promoting gene must have misunderestimated the hazard of pompous pontification.